Flex 3000 over-power transmission issue - help ?

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Flex 3000 over-power transmission issue - help ?

Hi Folks,

Strange problem here - so, I managed to get WSPR working without any issue. Spent a couple of enjoyable hours Rx and Tx with WSPR and WSJT. Yesterday sat down for another session but to my astonishment, when WSPR began to xmit my PowerSDR powermeter shot up to 150w+, this was accompanied by a faint high-pitched sound from my transceiver. I immediately stopped the xmit but the Flex clearly did not like this experience as evidenced by the scary smell that it emitted.

My Setup is PowerSDR 2.0 with Vac v4.09 and WSPR 2.0 on a 2GHz pentium with 4GB ram (for what its worth).

Following a complete reboot and test it seems that everything is working fine on the Flex but I have to say I'm a little bit worried about what caused this...any ideas ?

I posted this over on the Flexradio forums without any suggestions so I'm posting here in an effort to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance,

Niall, EI9GDB