Wintel build of rigctld anyone?

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Wintel build of rigctld anyone?

Hi All,

I know I'm getting ahead of myself just a little here (deaf antenna, cr*p radio, well served country, I do not TX).

I'm a stones throw from getting WSPR to RX hop with hamlib, but I need a wintel build of rigctld. Stephane on hamlib-developers gave me amazing advice which was above and beyond the call of duty and I will not bother him further! rigctld is in devel and I have no idea how to compile for wintel (no conf make install)

To get my PCR-1500 working, I've copied the latest hamlib into WSPR dir, edited hamlib_rig_numbers, added M USB 2800 in Handshake field but hamlib will call rig_close (intended behaviour) and turn it off. To operate it properly I need to get the rigctld deamon going, give WSPR an -m 2 and I'm away :)