More WSPR Beta 2.2_r2283 Observations

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More WSPR Beta 2.2_r2283 Observations

K1JT et al

In the Frequency Hopping mode, using WSPR Beta version 2.2_r2283, I continue to experience an intermittent problem of WSPR reporting the wrong receive band to WSPRnet. When this occurs, WSPR continues to make software band switches but the K3 stops following. The result is that with the K3 receiving stations on one band, WSPR reports them to WSPRnet on the wrong band. It reports them on the band that the K3 SHOULD have switched to, but hasn't.

Some times this problem can start after only 10 minutes of operation while others it can be hours before the problem begins.

When the problem begins the error message "set_frequency: error = Invalid parameter" is reported on the command line screen.

*** It would be helpful if there would be a time stamp for each error line displayed, as is done when an attempt to access WSPRnet fails.

Today, when WSPR stopped switching the K3 between bands, instead or shutting down WSPR, I simple clicked on the 'idle' box. Next I unchecked the'idle' box and WSPR started to band hop properly again, switching the K3 to the band that WSPR software had chosen. It then began again to report stations heard to WSPRnet on the correct band.

Are any others who are using the band hopping version experiencing these problem that I have been with my K3? The computer COM port being used with WSPR is properly configured for baud rate, parity and stop bits. It continues to be used to successfully control the K3 by other software.

Joe, is it just me having this problem?