10 meter SAD

Well, in one sense the 10-meter Special Activity Day was nearly a complete bust; but in other ways I found it quite interesting.

I think we had around 20 active stations, most of the time. Not surprisingly, there was very little propagation of any sort, anywhere in the world. About 700 spots were posted, but most of them were at ground-wave distances under 150 km.

However, VK6POP copied the big 20-Watt signal of T61AA several times at 8913 km, for the DX record. Interestingly, nobody else copied T61AA at any distance.

At K1JT I was running 20 W, also -- 6 dB more than I usually run, since I knew the band was unlikely to open to anywhere. I decoded exactly nobody in 24 hours. ... But, interestingly, I was copied a total of 14 times, all at distances of 1100 to 1360 km, by the guus down in EM62 and EM73. I imagine that the propagation was via meteor bursts, or at least meteor-enhanced E-layer propagation. Many of those spots were at signal levels -20 dB or lower, so if others were running 5W that may explain why the reverse path to FN20 was never decoded.

If you spray enough RF up into the air, and have a lot of sensitive receivers deployed around the globe, some of them intercept some of the RF... at least now and then.

-- Joe, K1JT