Lack of Signals being updated

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Lack of Signals being updated

I wonder if anyone out there can supply an answer as to WHY my signals are going out all over the world from Papua N Guenia to the N W Passage and India and USA, and yet I have NIL on most bands on RECEIVE and I have checked & double checked my parameters and I am set up according to the book, this has been an ongoing process for the past four to five days, and strange as it may seem a good friend a GW6 a mile down the road has the same type of problem but the revers, he is hearing stations from all over, but is not going out anywhere.
And we have not changed anything and prior to this problem both of us were receiving and signals being heard all over and uplifted.
Could this be due to conditions or what? I wait for a some kind of logical explanation from someone who could enlighten us as how to over come this nagging problem of ours
Thanking you in advancew for any reply