Anyone band hopping with K3?

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Anyone band hopping with K3?

I'm curious to know if anyone is using an Elecraft K3 with the Beta version of WSPR in the band hopping mode. I've used the latest 2 versions and have regularly experienced problems with wrong band data being displayed and sent to WSPRnet. The program can work fine for minutes or even hours before it starts to report stations heard by the K3 on the wrong band, usually the past band that the K3 was transmitting after a switch. Instead of reporting it as the supposed switched band it reports the one before the switch. I've sent Joe a few emails on the problem that I've been experiencing.

I thought that it might possibly be caused by how the rigctl.exe file (Beta 0.8 for K3) is performing and sent a question the HAMLIB folks but have had no reply.

I've changed COM ports and installed the latest drivers for same with no change in the problem.

So, is anyone out in WSPRland that can report that they have left their K3 running and band hopping for a multi-hour period without band hopping issues?