"Hearing" spots on Map callsign balloon.

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"Hearing" spots on Map callsign balloon.

This question may have been covered before but as yet I haven't found it.
When using the map and clicking on my callsign the balloon appears and always
shows the stations that have heard my transmissions. However, it never seems
to show the stations I have heard. Most other callsign balloons seem to do that.
In the WSPR program on my pc it shows all the stations received but although I
have the "upload spots" box ticked it doesn't appear to upload them.
The WSPR version I am using is 2.0_ r1714.
I have reloaded this onto the pc but without any change to this problem.
Apart from this everything seems to work very well and it's a great
facility to add to the station.
Has anybody any ideas as to how to rectify this problem.