Unanticipated host error??

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Unanticipated host error??

I get a stream of error messages and then the program aborts when transmitting.

The message is:
An error occured while using the portaudio stream
Error number: -9999
Error message: Unanticipated host error

The system receives okay and finds signals. The only time I have the problem is if I either click the Tune button, or have the Tx fraction set to something other than 0%.

This is also specific to setting the Audio Out to an E-MU sound card which shows up as "18 Speakers (E-MU E-DSP Audio Proc...

If I set the audio out to "5 Speakers (Realtek High Definit", the program behaves OK. Of course that output is not connected to the radio, it only serves to bother the dog. The radio does go into transmit.

Win7 64 bit
E-MU PCI 1212 sound card (and motherboard Realtek High Def)
Radio: SoftRock RXTX 6.3 + Mobo 4.3.4
Audio in is routed to motherboard Realtek and WSPR set to use "1 Line in at rear panel"
PTT method: CAT, Rig number: 2509 SoftRock Si570 AVR-USB

Any thoughts on this?