Newbie question about transmit.

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Newbie question about transmit.

Hi all,

Searching in the Spot database, it seems that nobody seems to receive my signal. So there must be something wrong with my setup.
My situation is: Radio Icom IC-7000, WSPR 2.1 (tried 2.0 also), Soundcard Signalink USB, PC WinXP SP3, Time sync Dimension 4.

Receiving workes fine. Controlling the radio with CAT is working. Also switching TX does work.
But I noticed that the TX frequency does not shift to the frequency configured in WSPR.
For example in 40 meters, in WSPR Dial (rx): 7.038600 and Tx: 7.040170.
When WSPR goes in TX mode, than the IC-7k remains at the RX frequency.
When I listen with a second receiver, I can hear S9+ on this Rx frequency, nothing on the WSPR Tx frequency.

Further I am able to set the Rx Noise to 9 dB in the Signalink soundcard Rx-pot.
But how do I adjust the Tx-pot on the Signalink soundcard?

Anyone who can help me with this?

73, PA0HTA, Bert

Ps, I am working with the IC-7k now, but when this works fine I would like to use my GenesisRadio G59 for WSPR. But with the G59, I have other problems with the setup Win 7 64bit and the device drivers.