WSPR on Linux Conclusions

Well it is not many from the whole world.

Seven stations would like to run WSPR on Linux. Of course like all surveys the number is only representative of the users who looked on this site at the Blog pages over the last two days.

I did also dangle a carrot on QRSS Knights and got a response from a N8 station. Then there is Google which has brought forth nothing.

The whole circle is self defeating, an O/S with no software applications for Ham Radio will not take off. If there are only seven people interested then who is going to package software for the O/S?

I asked Debian Packaging to look at WSPR and got a really nice response. When the packaging is done by volunteers in their own time and the demand is so small the priorities must be very low and the time scale long.

After talking to Debian Packaging I looked into compiling WSPR. The results are very O/S dependent and during my tests on twelve different O/S the WSPR package changed and failed to work on anything.
I have by sheer perseverance, luck and daring managed to get both WSPR Version 1.01 and Version 1.1 working on Debian etch and related releases and Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.04 and Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.10. Oddly Xubuntu the platform used by OH2GQC defeats me. It is an input problem and maybe could be solved but I soon reach a why bother state when Xubuntu is so cramped and drab and K and U are available.

Unfortunately to achieve what I have done cannot be repeated by someone who didn't compile WSPR 1.01 or prior. Anyone wanting to compile should look at OH2GQC's page on the Web.

I will now give a personal recommendation for anyone new to Linux who wants to try Linux for Ham Radio. Based on a comment often made by Gena a Linux Guru when we were getting my Suse 9.0 running on Packet Radio, TCPIP over Radio and APRS we have the B*** rating.

Bl***y, Bl***y, Bl***y Suse she would say, due to Suse putting files in non standard places and other anomalies.

Having tried Suse11 recently in the 12 O/S in my tests it still gets a 3 B*** rating. Not good for a Beginner. Debian gets the same due to network problems right from the install stage. So here goes no B*** rating and you might keep some hair.

Suse11 B*** B*** B***
Debian B*** B*** B***
Xubuntu 8.04 B*** B***
Xubuntu 8.10 B*** B***
Mandriva B*** B***
Fedora9 B*** B***
Fedora10 B*** B***
Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.04 B***
Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.10