WSPR 40 mtr frequency clashes

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WSPR 40 mtr frequency clashes

Since the Region 1 Band plan now allows CW from 7000 to 7040Khz is there any plans to move the WSPR frequency out of this segment .

its the same with PSK31 on 7035Khz. We aren't allowed to TX there anymore cos its the CW band.

I can hear a lott of CW activity on 7038 and in South Africa we have been asked NOT to TX below 7040 if its not CW.

The Digital band plan extends from 7040 to 7060. Gosh i even hear some SSB operators from 7040Khz

Since i plan to build ,buy or steal a all band WSPR beacon like V53ARC i would like to know beforehand what frequency it must be on otherwise i cant TX on 40 mtrs.

Urs Sincerely

Johan Visagie