K1JT - Slow start on TX

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K1JT - Slow start on TX

K1JT - Joe,

I have noticed there is often a delay in my K3 going into transmit (red LED on) after a 2 minute receive cycle. At the end of the RX cycle, when the decode starts, the 'TX' rig control signal appears to be delayed until a few seconds before the decoding is complete. The delay to start the K3 transmitting can last for 15 seconds or so.

I'm using a 2.5 GHz PC under XP and an FTDI USB adapter between the K3 and PC. There are no applications running except the two WSPR 2.2 ones, the WSPR Windows program and error reporting window.

I wonder if the WPSR software has been written to start to decode the previous 2 minute RX period BEFORE sending the TX signal via 'rigctl.exe' to put the radio in the TX mode? I would think that when a TX cycle is scheduled to start, that the TX command would be issued first before the decoding starts to prevent slow TX starts.

I've noticed these delayed starts by a number of WSPR signals heard on the air.