wspr on Linux

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wspr on Linux

Although I was not able to make wspr running on Linux using pulseaudio, I was able to find a first solution for CAT because the config panel offers too few possibilities related to hamlib.

My environment: FT-2000.

At first I start as root:

/usr/local/sbin/rpc.rigd -m129 -s4800 -r/dev/ttyUSB0 --dcd-type=RIG --set-conf=timeout=500,retry=2,write_delay=5,post_write_delay=50,itu_region=1 &

In the wspr config, I set:

Enable CAT. CAT port: none, rig number 1901. The remaining information is without value here, but here I have: serial rate: 4800, databits: 8, stop bits: 1, handshake: none.

I had to restart wspr in order to make the config available.

This is just a little contribution and I hope that I will be able to make it running a day.

Best 73 de Claude