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wspr on LINUX

Good day,

I have broken free from Windows and now use only LINUX except at work.

After a bit of fussing I have gotten UBUNTU 10.10 installed, WSPR 2.21_r2286 also set up and working.

There have been only two real issues so far.

One, is that WSPR did not like my EMU PRE USB device - other applications are quite happy with it but WSPR was not (so back to SignaLink USB til it's sorted). Any suggestions?

Two, lack of a menu start item for WSPR. I have tried several tricks to create a desktop launcher and menu item for WSPR but so far have failed - just not kicking it in the right place. Suggestions are welcome.

Incidentally, I like to use the frequency hopping mode of WSPR. ver 2.20_r2279 had a problem where the app would not store (and remember) the frequency hopping but an upgrade to 2.21_r2286 solved that issue.

Thanks to all who have made WSPR available on LINUX and now with the dead easy installation .deb files.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc