10m starting to Open more frequently

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10m starting to Open more frequently

23 APRIL 2011: I continue to notice in both the "numbers" and actual radio reception that TEN METRES is starting to open. US Beacons are being heard more often now, but after monitoring 28.1246 MHZ for the day, have not traced a singe WSPR station.

Please dont wait for a WSPR Activity day to try WSPR on 10. Especailly on a weekend.
This goes mostly for the US Becons, as the Actvivty list seems to show Europe more active.

Perhaps we are'nt quite there yet, but the more 10m North American Beacons, the better. CW is certainly bridging the ether. No reason WSPR cant be more active.

Hpe to hr u WSPRing on TEN.