160m Summer Propagation 2011 - Friday SS to Monday SR

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160m Summer Propagation 2011 - Friday SS to Monday SR

This is a continuation of the regular weekly top band activity with the added challenge to see if we can bridge the gap between northern and southern hemisphere stations. Having said that, the East/West paths have been poor of late so what we're really looking for is propagation to anywhere.

Activity period:
Friday sunset to Monday sunrise plus any other day as appropriate - keep an eye on the WSPR Activity page to see who's on. It's virtually impossible to predict when conditions on 160m will be good so you need to be there when the spotlight shines on you.

Do not be put off if you cannot tx on 160 - reception reports are very important. Remember that if you intend to monitor 160m then low efficiency antennas (compared to 160m TX antennas) are key to low noise reception. Antennas used for transmitting on the upper HF bands will often work surprisingly well as low noise receiving antenna on 160, (perhaps with a pre-amp) as do small magnetic loops.

A small group of EU and US stations show up most nights and recently one VK has set up camp. A group of hoppers also pass through 160 on their journey through the bands as well.

So, if you fancy 4 months of high levels of qrm/qrn (WSPR appears pretty immune to both), hopefully offset by a few highlights then 160 might be the place to be.

Trevor G0KTN