Frequency changed, no upload of spots

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Frequency changed, no upload of spots

hi does anyone know what this means and how to avoid this error?

I have it when receiving 0.137500 in CW-R narrow with the IC706

i have to use the WSPR dial set to 0.136900 instead of 0.13600 for USB and the extra setting bfo has to be 600 Hz instead of 1500 for the standard USB dial receive mode

with the dial field to 0.136900 and bfo set to 600Hz the frequency is reported correct and a 0.137500 signal has the trace exact in the middle of the monitor field. Al correct... but WSPR will not update the decoded results
But it gives the message "Frequency changed, no upload of spots"

( btw i have to be carefull not to press the special Lenovo laptop quick key to change the page and lost all what i just way to find it back! ..and more the spellcheck is also vanished suddenly ...
This is my 2nd try to wite this and i hope not to touch the kill message buttons.... this time ()

73 Jaap PA0O