WSPRnet website and Android handsets

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WSPRnet website and Android handsets

Does anybody know a method or application that allows WSPRnet pages to be viewed more easily on a mobile device with limited screen resolution? Even the smallest handsets have enough pixels to show the required information, but the borders and pretty bits on the normal web pages make the job harder than it needs to be.

Would it even be possible to have separate web pages optimised for mobile viewing? Ideally the database page for a mobile handset would just be a plain text list of the spots. The date could be replaced with a single character to indicate the day of the week or even removed completely. Or perhaps the background colour could be changed to show the day of the week or where todays spots begin? The "drift" column could probably be omitted completely, and a "distance" filter could prevent frequent spots between local stations appearing too frequently.

Slightly off topic, does anyone know of any useful radio websites that are optimised for viewing on devices like this?

- Nick.