Video clip showing WSPR decoding in real time

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Video clip showing WSPR decoding in real time
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Here is a real time video that shows WSPR 2.0 decoding signals between 7040.0 and 7040.2 kHz.
The PowerSDR panadapter screen shows one signal (N3PU) appearing in and out of the noise, another (CX2ABP), lower in frequency, is not seen. At 0:45 (0646 UTC) WSPR decodes and displays the two received signals and a new two minute segment commences. (Screen capture with CamStudio)

Receiver: FlexRadio FLEX-3000
Antenna: Full wave 40m horizontal loop at 5m
Software: WSPR v2.0 and PowerSDR v1.18.6
Computer: HP Pavilion tx1327c

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