Transatlantic 6m Super DX

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Transatlantic 6m Super DX

We are now in the season of super-DX Es openings on 6m when the band can open spectacularly across the Atlantic from Europe to the USA, the Caribbean, northern South America. WSPR could be a superb tool to help track fleeting openings over these very long paths, but we need more stations on 6m WSPR for this to be possible.

Ideally stations either side of the Atlantic need to be operational 24/7 on 6m but as a minimum from around 1100-2400z. If the band does open across the Atlantic then 5W to a small vertical or dipole should be enough to get transatlantic spots. You don't need high power or big beams: I've worked CW across the Atlantic on 6m with just 2.5W ERP using Es propagation a few years ago.

Let's fill the 6m WSPR slot with activity this summer!