Use of VFO transceivers for wspr TX

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Use of VFO transceivers for wspr TX

Hi all,

I have an idea to instal fix Xtal for certain bands in order to establish a high accurate TX frequency and so, may be able to transmit wspr signals from my old fashin radio that use VFO ( FT707 ) please give-me your oppinions if it will work or not.

I intent to fix the frequency for TX wspr according to the Xtla manufacturer the variation will be around 10ppm, plus the variation of the rest of equipment it could reach 20ppm does it enough to handle wspr TX ?
The frequency composition will be:

(IF freq) - (fix Xtal ) = (Oper. freq)

IF - Xtal frequency ( 10 ppm stable )
Xtal - ( 10 ppm stable )