Once upon a time i could use my IC706 in wspr

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Once upon a time i could use my IC706 in wspr

I have used my IC706 at 136 kHz for receive only.
It worked well decoding and reporting to WSPRnet
I used the older WSPR 210 the one without bandhopping.

I have to receive CW narrow 500Hz CW-filter
To decode the mode has to be CW-reverse to get the right audio image
And the Rx Bfo has to be 600 Hz instead of the USB default 1500Hz

The IC706 dial is set 137.50 CW-R (centre band +/- 100Hz)
That worked good why should it not...

But now i have Version 2.21
Decoding is fine same settings
But the spots will not upload
Every decode gives the error message:
Frequency changed, no upload of spots

hmm frequency changed ? so what? why is that an error?
I do not change the frequency in between so what does this really mean ??

I can not fix this problem
There is no setting that will upload a decode
I tried to set different Dial: frequencies Bfo frequencies
I can not tune the set away much from 137.500
The 200Hz slot has to be within the filter passband of course

No problem then i will go back to the older V 2.1 ..
But now i get the same error message there too

One thing i know it has worked before
And there are not many parameters to fiddle with for tuning.

Anybody that has an idea how to solve this
And to be able to receive and upload again.

best regards
Jaap PA0O