Maximum Allowable Drift?

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Maximum Allowable Drift?

I've been operating on the 10M band for about 3 months now. The overwhelming majority of spots for me state that my signal drift is either 3 Hz and 4 Hz. Most are the latter. I'm wondering if this could explain why reception of my transmissions is somewhat "erratic". I maintain a spreadsheet of all spots, and I review that spreadsheet carefully, to see what lessons can be drawn from it. I notice there are many instances of stations reporting a single reception, with the SNR being between +8 dB to -5 dB. I interpret this as meaning that they had "solid" copy. As such, I would expect that same station to generate several (perhaps many) more spots for me. Yet that does not occur.

It doesn't seem reasonable to believe that propagation along any given path would deteriorate dramatically in just a few minutes. I'm thining that my drift may be too much for the software to handle.

What is the maximum allowable drift for a signal to be reported?

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John N9JL