Australian 10M Band weekend WSPR reports

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Australian 10M Band weekend WSPR reports

Just for anyone who may be interested, I usually try and write up a summary of operations of 10m WSPR activity and solar, ionospheric activity informations for Australian WSPR operators, over the weekend periods. Twice a day on Saturday & Sunday. First update is about 0400 UTC between USA and EU paths, and then a final summary when the days activity has closed.
It can be found at this link
Im not sure if you need to be a member of the VK Logger Forums to read it or not.
Ive been doing this since the start of May.

I was also making a weekly 10m WSPR statistics page, showing the top 10 VK WSPR 10m spots for -
* Best distance TX (less than 20W)
* Best distance RX
* Weakest SNRs RX
* Km/W distances
* Best low power RX distances

But since the condx have been fairly poor, Ive stopped the stats page recently.