Sharpen those spears...

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Sharpen those spears...

G'day All,

I have run all the checks I can and will be QRV on 30M at frequency 152.

Here is the Spectran check picture...

It reports spurii almost 50dB down on the main peak.

Here is the WSPR check picture...

No visible spurii at +14dB and at a level past orange and red and just into the white.

But the real test is on air - so sharpen those spears (some of you might prefer an assegai - ;-) and if anyone can be bothered I would appreciate a pikky from WSPR.

Don't expect many decodes as I am running 500mW into a converted 4BTV which is right next to a tree. A better antenna will be the next step.


Steve VK2SRO