Has Anyone Put Wisper on with Flex-5000?

I installed the latest WSJT package on the computer that I use to control the Flex-5000. Everytime I set the input or output to the virtual audio cable, the nasty little message from microsoft comes up telling me that a an error occurred and the WSJT routine must be closed.

Next I tried wiring the line out of the Flex-5000 directly into the sound card in the computer. At first there was a conflict with the Microsoft sound recorder taking the sound card. I had to fool the recorder by removing the sound card input from the recorder. The WSJT software does work with hardwired cables from the Flex-5000 line input and output to the line input and output of the sound card.

In short, anyone who has used the virtual connection between the Flex-5000 and the computer sucessfully, please let me know how the WSJT is set-up to avoid rejection.

I have been searching for WISPER signals in the HF allocations but so far no luck finding any. Any suggestions?