Program to generate animated GIFs of WSPR activity available

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Program to generate animated GIFs of WSPR activity available
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Hello all,

I've recently written a small Java web app that produces animated gifs of activity on WSPR. It uses the raw data supplied by K1JT on this site and accepts various options. Is this this something that would be useful for others? I'm willing to donate the code to this site, and I'd like to hear from you regarding additional features.

Current Features
1) Search By receiving callsign (Who did I hear?)
2) User-defined spot aggregation time
3) User-defined delay between frames
4) Choice of 2- or 4-character gridsquare blocks
5) Option to draw and label grid boxes
6) Option to suppress frames with no spots

Already Planned Features
1) Add Search By Transmitting station (Who heard me?)
2) Add search limits for bands(s), start/stop time, distance, power, etc
3) Customize legend to only show bands heard
4) Try to use transparency to make files smaller

Please let me know if this is useful and what features you'd like to see.

The attached files have been reduced in size to make it under the 1MB upload limit, so there are artifacts in them that aren't in the real images.