October top WSPR spots and 2-way reports

It took my computer about 2.5 hours to crunch all the WSPR data for October. Over 3.6 million spots resulted in 219,345 unique records. The top WSPR spotter for October was DK6UG spotting 2445 stations. The most spotted station, spotted 2213 times, was VE6PDQ operating from both DO33 and DO34. Of the 219,345 unique spots for October, over a third were on 10 meters (78,410). 20m was close with 73,982. And 30m a distant 3rd at 34,105. The complete lists are posted at http://mardie4.100webspace.net/

The 2-way WSPR reports now have 2 files for each callsign grouping. For my call, KB.txt contains a summary of all the 2-way reports I had during October. And the 2nd file, KB-data.txt contains the actual record data for the 2-way reports. A pair of stations may exchange reports hundreds of times during the month but only one set is displayed. The set chosen is based on the least amount of time between one report sent and a reciprocal report received.

The files in the 2-way WSPR reports folder are just plain .txt files. The easiest way to find the information on a callsign is to open the file and search for the callsign and add a dash '-' at the end. For my call I would search for KB9AMG- and that will bring me to the start of my 2-way reports both in the KB.txt and KB-data.txt files.