SDR-IQ multi-mode decoding

I've been trying for some time to get my SDR-IQ to decode 2 different modes at the same time using the 2 channel stereo demod in SpectraVue. Finally got it working today. For awhile I had it somewhat working and I could send the audio from two different frequencies (on the same band) to 2 different programs (wspr/psk/jt65a) but the audio was always mixed which made WSPR decoding a nightmare with jt65 or psk signals mixed in. The key to completely separating the audio was to use 'audio repeater' which takes the VAC audio and outputs it to a different VAC with just the left or right audio. So VAC #1 gets separated into VAC #2 (left audio) and VAC #3 (right audio).

Currently I have my SDR-IQ on 10m decoding JT65 on 28.076 in the left audio channel, and WSPR on 28.12460 on the right channel. I recently purchased a 2nd SDR-IQ and am going to have that one today on 20m decoding PSK (using HRD/DM780) and WSPR. So with 2 SDR-IQ's and 2 instances of SpectraVue running, I'll have 6 VAC's and 4 'audio repeaters' feeding JT-65HF, HRD/DM780 (PSK), and 2 WSPR programs (10m/20m). Will be interesting to see how this all runs together.