FT 2000 CAT control

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FT 2000 CAT control

Trying to get things rolling again (this has worked b4) with this ft-2k, but not getting a band change or any control of the radio from the WSPR app. Cat is enabled in the setup, using com4 for the ftdi usb serial converter, with speed and parameters i am certain are correct. The cat path is functional using HRD as HRD reads freq info ok, but HRD is only a listener, and does not use the control path to the radio from the app as is needed by wspr. I am using the ft950 rig pick from them menu since there is none for the ft2000...doing this from memory, so question one is whether that is correct for this radio, or is there an update that includes this rig, that could be the solution to this problem, however this setup has worked before with this radio last year.

When try to band change, the change shows up in the wspr 2.0 Freq display and changes there normally, but no effect on the radio. AUdio is being detected by the app ok using a signalink usb unit, but no indication of any control getting from the app to the radio. This is being done after a system restart, so there arent any issues in the com port being tied up after being used by another app.