JT65 LSB anyone?

I got schooled in JT65 today.

Decoded several JT65a transmissions, one from ZL3PAH, whom I was excited to complete a qso with and put out a weak 6 or so watt response. Little did I know at the time that the club rig at KL7AA is incapable of upper side band with JT65.

The next day after my initial JT65 emissions I got on the chat/sked page for JT65 Terrestrial at webpage. With help from Armando, LU8WAG, Barry, VE3CDX/W7, as well as test emissions with NI0B in Nebraska and several others the diagnosis revealed itself.

I checked into the yahoo group for microham and W4TV got back to me in minutes with the exact info I did not want to hear:

"Yaesu MKV limits PKT mode (rear input)
to LSB or FM. The issue is the transmitter which is
not under the control of microHAM.

Contact the software author and request the software be
modified to work in LSB mode for Yaesu transceivers that
only support LSB in AFSK/packet."

So there you have it. Anyone for a Lower side band QSO on Jt65a with KL7?