WSPR 2.21 and CAT control

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WSPR 2.21 and CAT control

Thanks for your kind replies re the WSPR freq hopping software. I have the software on my laptop now (2.21) but of course it will not run. At present I can key the rig using cat but there is no audio drive so no output. The CAT control light does not illuminate on the interface, neither does the PTT light, so this I do not understand, since the rig is keying.
Everything works fine using RTS keying.
I have tried various com ports etc but all to no avail. What am I doing wrong since the system worked fine with the old non hopping version of WSPR. The rig is a TS870S and I am running windows 7 64 bit as OS. The interface is a US Navigator.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks and 73,

Frank Thompson G4PMB