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FT 857

What are the settings that i need to enter into my FT 857 to get it to transmit. (It gets a signal to key the radio up)

Simple answers please.

I've used wspr successfully in the past but I've been away from radio for a while and for the life of me I can't get it to work again.

Receive is OK, good results but no reports of tx reception.

Antenna, home made dipole for 40m tuned with an MFJ analyser

What digi setting should I be using as I remember that this was the trouble I had last time I was on air with wspr. At the moment I'm using the USER-U setting but only fairly recently on that setting.

CAT cable as I've used before so nothing changed there. Com port 3.

Also the wspr 'DOS' screen reports error in attempting to get frequency (or words to that effect).

Cheers in advance, James.