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Power settings

Would I be right in saying that the power output from my radio can not transmit less than 5W... FT857D.

Or because the way wspr works then the output is somehow attenuated by the way the audio/data is superimposed on the carrier..

As I'd be surprised to learn that my reports that are showing 2mw are actually that..

I've only an mfj tuner and swr/power meter yet neither will show such small outputs..

Right, forget most of the above as I've just read another post in relation to power output.

My meter does go down to low levels, I'm not sure how accurate it is as it's analogue. I guess I'll have experiment..!

I've found the advanced settings to alter audio input inversely affecting power output.
I've originally set the audio level to 0db as it comes standard then altered the audio line in to the mic to read 5w on the meter, then I've adjusted the advanced setting to a lower level and noted the power output on my swr/power meter getting lower and lower.
Along with adjusting the line out from the PC I can achieve anything from 0w to 5w output.
Depending on how accurate my meter is I can then estimate what to put in the wspr program as a relatively true figure of power out.

It's a cool program that I'm understanding a little bit more now.