70MHz WSPR activity

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70MHz WSPR activity

For the past few days I have experimented with WSPR on 80,40 and 6m.
This seems to work fine, using powers of 100mW or 5W.
When I saw activity on 6m I even tried 20Watts for a while, but noticed no advantage so dropped power again to 5W.
Currently I have a signal on 4 meters (70.0286) as well.
Unfortunately WSPR software does not support the frequency yet, unless you enter this manually, which I did
On WSPRnet it is however difficult to find out who is active on 4 with WSPR
My power is somewhat limited to 100mW or so, but can be changed soon into 1Watt if needed.
Are there any other amateurs trying to experiment on 70MHz aswell?

Best regards Rien PA0JME