How to have 2 versions of WSPR

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How to have 2 versions of WSPR

I would like 2 versions of WSPR , so I won't have to change system parameters when I change radios.I have a Flex 1500 and a Icom IC-718, when I want to swap rigs I have to change system parameters ( sound card, etc. ), before I can use the other radio. I do not plan to run them at the same time. Someone suggested creating a new user account , but that did not work, whenever I logged on to the new account and changed parameters, it changed them in the other account also !! I am at a lost to figure this out! Gotta be some way to have two separate WSPR programs with different parameters and be able to run one or the other (not both) . Any help is surely appreciated.


PS. Operating system is Windows XP