Possible fix for random wspr crashes

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Possible fix for random wspr crashes

Hi all, started using wspr last weekend and realy enjoy this mode!

Initaly I had trouble with wspr (2.00 r1714) crashing randomly, sometimes after 1-2 hours or 3 times in 10 minuts and it could occasionally run for 5-6hours, tx or rx, didn't mather.

I´m using a 10" Asus "atom" laptop with win 7 ultimate 32bit

if I looked at the event log? it said the ntdll.dll had crashed, no more info.

The fix/problem seems to be that I´m using the same computers soundcard with my softrock reciver and had increased the line in freq to 196khz/24bit, when I backed down to 48khz/16bit it runs stable, no crashes for over a day, just for fun I incresed the freq to 196khz again and it allmost instantly crashed, backed down again ad it have now run for 15hours with no problem.

I put this out there if anyone else have this problem.


Mikael - SA6BSS