QRM for years

Hi Folks!
I've had a problem with heavy noise now for about 7 years. Recently it's been climbing to S9 at times! It sounds like your typical switching 'wall-wart' noise, every 40kc or so of just plain 60hz hash. Our power goes off occasionally, and when it does, the noise is gone (the radio is on battery). Well, I have the most 'stuff' that could generate noise, but I've shut power to my room and the noise doesn't change. I thought it might be a neighbor. Well, I loaded the DX-400 with C cells and started snoopin'. The strongest, at this particular time anyway, is eminating from my brother's TV antenna. Now, he has DirecTV and one of those Digital converter boxes for over-the-air broadcasts. I know he has at least once an antenna amplifier that would oscillate when the gain was cranked way too high. This is what I though it was, but after pulling plugs, it ended up being the television, a Sharp 22" or so. Even when it is off, there not anything visibly 'on', it's making crazy RF! It doesn't even have a great picture when it's on, I suspect due to the RF it's generating ALL OVER! Well, typically he doesn't see it as his problem, and I put a toriod on the cord. It cut the noise 2 'S' units. It looks I need to get him a TV.