Beware of the "Save All" or "Save None" selection button

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Beware of the "Save All" or "Save None" selection button

Greetings everyone

Imagine my surprise when I tried to restore my laptop computer
and was informed by S/W that it was not possible to do so..

I was informed that less than 2% of 295 G-bytes was free. I was
finally able to identify the reason for the huge memory usage
while sitting and watching the data displayed during a scan for
virus in my system.

There before my eyes were displayed a 100K or more WSPR files
that I had not expected to see. Once the virus scan was completed,
I deleted those files and freed-up nearly 200 G-Bytes of hard-
Drive space. All is well now.

I selected "Save None" instead of "Save All" in the running WSPR
program to ensure this does not happen again.

73 to all... Dick/w7wkr/CN97/CN98