TS-430S - Anything I should beware of or mods needed?

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TS-430S - Anything I should beware of or mods needed?

Hello Everyone! This is my first toe into the water with WSPR. I have been monitoring with a TS-430S and have noticed that I can only get +/- 20Hz resolution from the dial and readout. There appears to be a mod that says "10Hz" readout. I am not sure if that will enable another digit on the display, the one that reads Hz. Before I tear into the rig to get to the control board I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this rig. Once warmed up it is quite stable. Are there any known workarounds that can get me closer to spot-on frequency wise? I have been experimenting with WSPR, DigiPan, and FLDigi in RX mode. I am very impressed with the ability to decode sub-audible, signals! This site is fantastic. Thanks to everyone who has helped make it possible.

73, Vince, Kd7ai