No one hears me, I hear no one

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No one hears me, I hear no one

Hi all

After about 6 months of not doing WSPR I started again the other day. The problem is I don’t seem to be hearing anyone and no one is hearing me!

I have a Yaesu Ft-857d connected via a Signalink to my PC. Sound to the rig is via the Signalink and the sound out of the rig is via a lead from the headphone jack of the rig into the PC. On the waterfall display of the WSPR programme I can see signals and I can also hear them through the speakers but the big white box and the blue box remain empty. Also, via the website map its saying no one is hearing me. A signal is going out of my radio as I have verified this on another radio.

The Signalink box keys up the radio fine and all the connections are connected.

Any suggestions or ideas?