One way propagation FROM Antarctica?

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One way propagation FROM Antarctica?

I've been getting great signals from DP0GVN in Antarctica for the last couple of hours - starting at about -23dB and the most recent at -9dB. So far the path seems one way as I haven't seen a spot from DP0GVN.

Even more interesting is how few NA stations are showing up in spots from DP0GVN - its hard to tell from the database but I'm curious to know whether there is a high noise level "down under" which is affecting spots on the DP0 receive side or whether the summer propagation is tending to favor paths to EU?

Any good ideas or possible explanations?

PS: Its fantastic to see DP0 on WSPR! Thanks for running this as its giving some very interesting insights into propagation!


I got my first spot from DP0GVN at 0206 UTC:

2009-01-06 02:06 N6TTO 10.140182 -15

Interesting to see the signal difference - my last spot of DP0GVN was at 0208 UTC at -8 dB.