Hello and WSPR to determine electron density

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Hello and WSPR to determine electron density

Hi all-

I am very new to WSPR, so let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Steve, call is AD0AE, from Iowa City. I have a pretty well written profile on qrz.com, if you're interested.

Anyway, I had a couple of questions.
1. I haven't done a lot of research about this, but one thing about WSPR and JT65 (which I understand was a mode derived from the WSPR mode), how do the long slow tones that are produced allow it to be heard in very noisy conditions? I want to read more about how that works. JT65 is one of the few modes I can actually hear in my apartment, which is saying a lot.

2. And more to the subject line. My line of research is space physics and one thing I was wondering about with WSPR, is it possible to get some information about the local electron density on the bottom side of the ionosphere using WSPR? If you are basically probing the MUF, that should translate(I think...) to the peak in the local electron density. I guess there is some spatial issue about where that corresponds to. I guess what I find interesting is that WSPR could be a way of 'real time' monitoring of the ionosphere given enough stations are transmitting.

Then again, maybe the second point is totally off. In any event, some more information would be greatly appreciated about that!

I hope to get a station up and running here to see what I can do.

Thank you and 73s,