It 'a problem or not?

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It 'a problem or not?
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Dear OM, I'm trying to solve a "problem" if I may call it so!

I installed the version of WSPR 2.11_r2263, I set all the parameters, so I get good signals, encodes and posting them as WSPRnet spot on, but it is possible that no one receives my signs and post them as a spot? I am sure to send in USB mode with 5 watts with my Kenwood TS-2000, because I see it on the wattmeter less than 5 watts, about 4 - 4,5 watts. I'm also posting some screenshots! THANK YOU to all for your valuable cooperation.

I forgot: .. I did various tests on 20m and 40m .. Receive and place the spot, but no one receives!
The frequencies should be corrected! I receive on 14,096.600 MHz and transmit on 14,097.100 MHz on 20m ..
For 40m, I receive on 7,038.600 MHz and transmit on 7,040.100 MHz ..