TS480 Drift

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TS480 Drift

Yes, a newbie to WSPR. But the TS480, which is only a couple of months old, appears to drift rather badly, sometimes -3, quite often on -1. I have always run an old PC fan external to the rig, and switching this off does seem to lead to a lower thermal gradient and so less drift. This morning, I seem to be down to a consistent -1.

Has anyone found a fix for this problem that doesn't involve expensive hardware upgrades, or is it a case of 'move on to something else, young man'?

On a more academic note, whilst drifting signals are, as I understand it, more difficult to decode and run the risk of not being decoded, even in the -3 to -2 moments, which I hope may now be behind me, my signal seemed to compare very favourably with others' stations, with some instances of exceeding them. So, whilst everyone strives for zero drift, what fraction of signals with drift will, in practice 'not make it'?