Planning WSPR in Fairbanks, Alaska [Frequency updated]

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Planning WSPR in Fairbanks, Alaska [Frequency updated]

I am planning to visit Fairbanks, Alaska in coming Feburuary 26 to March 2nd. And QRV WSPR in 40m, 15m and/or 30m depending on antentenna installation there.

TRX:Yaesu FT-817 (Max.5W usually 1W)
ANT:2 band (40m, 15m) zwepp type wire, a band(30m) wire or GP(adjustable for all HF,VHF bands).
Callsign: KL7/7L1RLL But 7L1RLL will be used as an exception for WSPR.
Grid Locator: BP64ct.
Microphone and CW paddle will be carried by myself to Fairbanks.

Hotel crew said me to prepair a hole for coaxial cable at window and made reservation my room at 3rd (top) floor.

I hope to get many spots in Fairbanks, Alaska.