Can't change bands on K3

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Can't change bands on K3

I posted this once before but didn't get solved, but Joe suggested I try again:

Paul --

You're more likely to find someone running WSPR with similar equipment
on the forum.

-- Joe, K1JT

On 12/26/2012 6:28 PM, kc2nyu wrote:
WSPR ver 2.11_r2263. seems to work fine for me except when I try to change the Band, I get the following error string:
WSPR Version 2.11_r2263, by K1JT
Run date: Thu Jan 10 16:25:16 2013 UTC
Config parameter error: Invalid parameter
Error attempting to set rig frequency.
rigctl -m 229 -r COM2 -s 38400 -C data_bits=8 -C stop_bits=2 -C serial_handshake
= Hardware -C write_delay=0 F 14095600

I have never been able to change the band from the software, I just type it in to change to a different band and freq.
I am running an Elecraft K3 with Signalink USB interface. Win 7 64 bit PC with 2.2 Ghz processor and 4gb of RAM.
When I try to change the band, I hear a small beep from the K3, and then get the error string.

So is anyone running WSPR and K3 with SIgnalink usb interface setup, that can help?
73 Paul kc2nyu