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I am new to JT9 and have a few questions. After downloading the program Windows WSJT-X (v0.5, r2791) from http://www.physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/wsjt.html and setting up the program as described in the user guide, I have been able to decode a few QSO's, although I haven't found alot of signals to decode, yet. Today was the first attempt to "listen in" and only received a few stations on 14.078 USB (digital) on my Icom 746PRO. First question, of the few signals that I decoded the db was showing a positive(+) signal report. I did call CQ and a station in OR reported me as -08, but on my screen he decoded as +10. Do I have something not set right? I thought he should report as a negative(-) also, like in JT65. I have my slide set to a 25db noise level like instructed to do in the guide, and the RX on the SignaLink down to almost 0, and the stream(s) on the waterfall are showing bright red while the RX noise on the bottom of the screen is showing around 25.0 +/-. Second question ... Is the "TX first" box to be checked or unchecked, and what is it's function? Forgive me, for I am new to JT9 but am eager to learn. Third question ... I have seem many variables while researching this one ... how much TX power. Today I ran between 5-10 watts. To little, to much, or just about right? Fourth and final question ... just what are the correct frequencies to find JT9 signals? From what I was able to find so far, 2khz up from the common JT65 frequencies.
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