Compiling WSPR on Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 alpha

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Compiling WSPR on Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 alpha

Last year I tried to compile WSPR on my Medion Akoya Netbooks, under ubuntu 10.x, 11.x and 12.04 without any success. I remember the error messages like 'cannot import name w' or a string-to-float conversion problem and so on. Compiling or using the .deb package and running 'python' in the wspr directory under Debian 6 however was no problem, though I didn't test the CAT function.
By the way, Ubuntu 12.10 with kernel 3.5 does not run on the Akoya 1230, but Ubuntu 13.04 alpha with kernel 3.7 can be installed without a crash of the x server. On the other hand both Ubuntu versions work without problems on the Akoya 1210 and 1312.

At first I installed a fresh ubuntu system 12.10 and 13.04 alpha resp. and some other programs I need like gnome-environment, synaptic, gnome-schedule, wsjt and fldigi.
The CAT function of WSPR is a must-have for me and so at first I intended to install virtualbox with Windows XP, but finally I decided to compile WSPR again, and it worked!

The known procedure was as follows:
$ sudo apt-get install subversion python2.7-dev python-numpy python-imaging-tk python-pmw libportaudio2 portaudio19-dev libsamplerate0-dev gfortran cl-fftw3 python-dev libhamlib-utils
$ svn co
$ cd wspr
$ ./configure --with-portaudio-lib-dir=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/
$ make
(may be some warnings and errors, but no interrupt)
WSPR runs with
'python' in the wspr directory

To use the CAT function you must have installed libhamlib-utils and the usb to serial converter working (dev/ttyUSB0). (The correct detection and allocation of the converter you can find in the kernel log with the command 'dmesg').
Finally you have to add the group 'dialout' to user.
And so WSPR 4.0 (r2874) works for me starting together with ntpdate and fldigi.

73 Wolfgang, DL8YCA