No RX audio with USB interface

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No RX audio with USB interface

I have two independent rigs. One is the IC-746Pro using the West Mountain Plug and Play, and the RigTalk USB interface(s). The other radio is the FT-100D using a SignaLink interface. Before I go on let me say that both radios work great with Fldigi, HRD/DM780, and JT65. With WSPR everything looks good, I can transmit, and the only thing wrong is it is as if I have no audio for the program to decode. No noise shows on the waterfall, no signals, no decodes. I hear the signals on the radio, if I start up Fldigi I see the signals on the waterfall. This is both radios where the only thing in common is that both use a USB interface. I have the two latest versions of WSPR, one on each computer. Not only do I have the configuration set correctly, I have tried my other choices "just in case". I am at a loss. Audio does go the the transmitter as the radio transmits full power in the SSB mode and I can hear it on the other receiver. I am at a loss and don't know where to go from here. Anyone with ideas I would be happy to hear from.

Additional add on here. I tried taking a direct connection from the radio external speaker jack and taking it directly into the microphone input of the computer. It works, I decode signals. The settings were still such that the TX audio still goes through the USB device and I accidentally had taken the program out of idle and it went into transmit. The rig was keyed but there was no power transmitted so the audio is simply not working through the Plug and Play unit that works with all other programs. How can this be?